ACEM 60th Anniversary Dinner

On the evening of August 26, 2023, the grand ballroom of the Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel came alive with excitement and camaraderie as the Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM) celebrated its 60th Anniversary Dinner. This remarkable event marked a significant milestone in the history of ACEM, showcasing the industry’s enduring commitment to excellence and innovation.

The ACEM 60th Anniversary Dinner received a distinguished guest of honor from Minister of Work, Dato Sri Alexander Nanta Linggi. His presence and participation added significant prestige to the ceremony, underlining the government’s recognition and support for the consulting engineering sector’s vital role in shaping Malaysia’s infrastructure and development. As he officiated the event, Minister Nanta Linggi reinforced the government’s commitment to fostering collaboration and excellence within the industry, further emphasizing the importance of the consulting engineering profession in Malaysia’s growth and progress.

One of the evening’s highlights was the ceremonial leadership transition, installing the new ACEM President, Ir. Chong Chew Fan. The immediate past president, Ir. K. Sundraraj passed the baton of leadership to Ir. Chong Chew Fan, amidst a chorus of applause and well-wishes, symbolizes a seamless stewardship transition within the organization.

However, the heart of the celebration recognizes outstanding contributions and achievements within the consulting engineering community. ACEM Engineering Awards 2023 were presented to those who demonstrated excellence in their respective fields. T.Y.Lin International Sdn Bhd and Minconsult Sdn. Bhd. was honored with the prestigious Gold Award of Special Merit and Silver Awards of Merit. Dr. YG Tan Jurutera Perunding Sdn Bhd and Jurutera Minsar Consult Sdn Bhd received the Bronze Award of Commendation for their exceptional work.

The ACEM Outstanding Consulting Engineer Award 2023 was bestowed upon Tan Sri Ir. Kunasingam A/L V. Sittampalam and Ir. Ts. Dr. Yong Hon Min, James, acknowledging their remarkable contributions to the consulting engineering profession.

The ACEM Honorary Member title was conferred upon YBhg. Datuk Ir. Ahmad Redza bin Ghulam Rasool, Director General of the Public Works Department (JKR) Malaysia, and YBhg. Datuk Ir. Ahmad Asri bin Abdul Hamid, Chief Executive of the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia, recognizes their instrumental roles in shaping Malaysia’s infrastructure landscape.

Additionally, ACEM expressed its deep appreciation for its long-serving members. Ir. Ghazali bin Mohamed, Ir. Woo Hin Wai, Ir. Hj. Mohamed Khalid bin Md Din, Ir. Henry E. Chelvanayagam, Dato’ Ir. Alex Ting Kuang Kuo, Ir. Adrian Tan Jin Kiat, Ir. Mohd Kamal Azmey b Awang Hitam, Ir. Haji Mansor bin Salleh, Ir. Dr. Wong Chin Chaw and Ir. S. Baskaran were honored with the ACEM Appreciation Award for Long-Serving Members, recognizing their unwavering dedication and contributions to the association.

The success of the ACEM 60th Anniversary Dinner was made possible through the generous support of sponsors like Trackwork & Supplies Sdn Bhd and Perunding Hashim & NEH Sdn Bhd, CIDB Malaysia, among others. These sponsors played a pivotal role in making this milestone celebration a resounding success.

It is worth noting that the event’s sponsorship was not limited to corporate entities; ACEM received support from 37 member firms and various other organizations, further highlighting the industry’s commitment to fostering collaboration and advancement within the consulting engin eering community.

The ACEM 60th Anniversary Dinner served as a testament to the association’s dedication to excellence, innovation, and unity within the consulting engineering sector. As ACEM continues to evolve and grow, it remains steadfast in its mission to drive progress and raise the bar for consulting engineering in Malaysia. Here’s to the next 60 years of excellence and innovation in the industry!


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