ACEM Webinar Forum “Transforming The Industry By Opening Up ECP Share Equity”

The ACEM Webinar Forum was held on 17 August 2021. This year’s forum was conducted via Zoom online webinar in a discussion format with the theme “Transforming the industry by opening up ECP share equity”. The forum’s Keynote address was presented and moderated by the ACEM President, Ir. K. Sundraraj. The panellists for the forum were:

  • Datuk Ir. Mohd. Adnan b Mohd. Nor (ACEM Immediate Past President)
  • Ir. Prem Kumar (ACEM Past President)
  • Ir. Lainus anak Lichok (ACEM Sarawak Branch Immediate Past Chairman)
  • Ir. Sharifah Azlina bt Raja Kamal Pasmah (ACEM Honorary Secretary)

The forum’s objective is to highlight the current status of transforming the industry by opening up the ECP share equity to 100% and discussing the matter with ACEM members. Besides that, it is to gauge ACEM members’ opinion and willingness to implement the 100% ECP Shareholding for ACEM to provide feedback to BEM. The forum attracted nearly one hundred seventy-five participants.

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