ACEM Webinar Series Site Supervision Course Discipline Module : Mechanical

Continuing the ACEM Webinar Series Site Supervision Course, the Mechanical module was held from 14 August until 9 October 2021 via Online Zoom Webinar. The above course was supported by the Construction Inspector of Work Association Malaysia (COWAM).

Conducting the course were three senior members of ACEM. Ir. Wong See Foong, ACEM’s Past President, has been involved in building services engineering over the past 40 years. Dr. N. Jayaseelan, an ACEM member, has vast experience in the design, operations, and maintenance of cold and hot water and sanitary plumbing systems, fire protection, and air-conditioning systems for building services and industrial plants. Last but not least, Ir. Au Chong Hun, an ACEM member, has diverse experience in many projects such as high-rise, offices, institutional buildings, university campuses, residential developments, malls, museums, warehouses, factories, and infrastructure planning.

The Discipline Module: Mechanical was divided into the five parts as follows:

Webinar M1 – Air-Conditioning Systems
• Introduction
• Air-conditioning systems
• Equipment and piping

Webinar M2 – Ventilation & Smoke Control
• Mechanical Ventilation System
• Smoke control & Pressurization systems

Webinar M3 – Fire Protection
• Introduction
• Fire Protection Systems
• Equipment and piping

Webinar M4 – Cold Water and Sanitary Plumbing
• Introduction
• Cold Water plumbing
• Sanitary plumbing

Webinar M5 – Lifts, LPG, and Miscellaneous Systems
• Introduction
• Transportation
• LPG systems

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