ACEM Webinar Series Site Supervision Course General Module 2023

In the months of October and November 2023, ACEM successfully hosted a Webinar Series on Site Supervision, featuring the highly demanded General Module. The sessions, held from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm, attracted a substantial participation of 800 individuals, highlighting the industry’s keen interest in the topic.

ACEM’s initiative aimed to equip Graduate Engineers, Engineering Technologists, and Inspectors of Works (IOW) with practical knowledge essential for effective site supervision. The comprehensive program, including both General and Discipline Modules corresponding to BEM-registered disciplines such as Civil & Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical, allowed participants to gain a holistic understanding of site supervision practices aligned with approved designs, drawings, and specifications. The webinars, conducted as a series of online sessions, featured lectures and Q&A sessions, ensuring an interactive and engaging learning experience. Each webinar provided participants with 2 CPD hours, contributing to the professional development of Registered Persons with BEM. This successful webinar series demonstrated ACEM’s commitment to fostering excellence in engineering practices through accessible and informative online courses.

The trainers for the ACEM Webinar Series on Site Supervision were distinguished professionals in the field of engineering. Ir. K. Sundraraj, a registered Professional Engineer with a Practising Certificate from the Board of Engineers Malaysia and an ASEAN Chartered

Professional Engineer (ACPE), brought a wealth of experience to the sessions. He served as a BEM Board Member (Session 2022-2023), held the position of Immediate Past ACEM President (2023-2025), and was recognized as a Fellow of IEM.

With 30 years of expertise, he worked as a Consulting Engineer and Director of a multi-discipline engineering consulting firm in Kuala Lumpur, Ir. Anuar Mohd Aris, held the title of registered Professional Engineer with a Practising Certificate from the Board of Engineers Malaysia and an ASEAN Chartered Professional Engineer (ACPE). With 33 years of experience, he served as ACEM Honorary Secretary and currently held the position of Deputy President of ACEM for the 2023-2025 Session. His extensive background specializing in the design and construction supervision of Highways and Bridges, with an additional qualification as a Certified Road Safety Auditor.

The ACEM Webinar Series on Site Supervision offered a comprehensive exploration of crucial subjects in four distinct sessions. Webinar G1 delved into the critical areas of Accidents & Fatal Injuries, enlightening participants on safety protocols and regulations. By-laws and regulations governing construction sites were thoroughly discussed, providing a foundational understanding. Additionally, Contract Arrangement was a focal point, ensuring participants gained insights into the intricate web of contractual obligations.

In Webinar G2, the spotlight shifted to the Inspector of Works (IOW), elucidating their Roles & Responsibilities in the construction process. OSHCIM Guidelines were unpacked, offering a detailed perspective on occupational safety and health compliance. The session also delved into Future Supervision, providing attendees with foresight into evolving industry practices and expectations.

Webinar G3 broadened the scope to General Responsibility, emphasizing the holistic approach required in site supervision. Safety & Environmental Aspects were meticulously addressed, highlighting the need for sustainable and environmentally conscious practices in engineering. The session also covered Site Records & Progress Reporting, offering participants valuable insights into maintaining accurate project documentation. Certification/Payment & V.O. (Variation Order) management were also explored, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the financial and administrative aspects of construction projects.

The concluding session, Webinar G4, focused on the critical phase of Testing & Commissioning. Participants gained insights into the meticulous processes involved in ensuring the functionality and reliability of constructed structures. Certificate of Practical Completion/Defect List discussions equipped attendees with the knowledge to assess project completion and address any defects. CCC/SPKL (Certificate of Completion and Compliance/Fire Certificate) requirements were explored, along with the intricate details of Retention Sums & Final Accounts, providing a comprehensive view of the project’s closure and financial aspects.

In essence, the ACEM Webinar Series thoughtfully curated a diverse range of topics in these four webinars, providing a holistic and practical understanding of site supervision for participants in the engineering field. The depth and breadth of knowledge covered in these sessions undoubtedly contributed to the professional development of those in attendance.

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