FACE General Assembly Meeting (GAM) 2024

The Federation of ASEAN Consulting Engineers (FACE) of which ACEM is a Member Organisation (MO) held its GAM on 23 January 2024 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The GAM hosted by INKINDO, was attended by all its MOs, i.e.,

  • ACEM Malaysia;
  • ACES Singapore;
  • CEAT Thailand;
  • CECOPHIL Philippines;
  • INKINDO Indonesia;
  • MICEG Myanmar; and
  • VECAS Vietnam.

The FACE GAM was opened by Ms Destya L Panael, Sr Officer Community Affair Directorate, ASEAN Secretariat. It was followed by the adoption of the GAM agenda and ratification of the GAM Minutes 2023. A brief report on FACE activities from 2021 – 2023 was presented to the delegates.

Future activities proposed for FACE include:

  • to set up a platform for networking and collaboration by FACE member firms in projects in ASEAN countries;
  • organize FACE Engineering /Outstanding Consultant Awards;
  • continue with organizing webinars on topics of common interest and borderless issues such as best practice, sustainability and climate change.

The GAM concluded with the following election/nomination for 2024-2025:

  • FACE President: ACES (Er. Chuck Kho)
  • FACE Vice President: ACEM (Ir. Chong Chew Fan)
  • FACE Secretary General: Ir. Zulkifli Halm (INKINDO)


Prior to the GAM, INKINDO has arranged for the delegates to meet with H.E. Satvinder Singh, Deputy Secretary General of the ASEAN Secretariat. It was highlighted that FACE need to admit the national associations from three ASEAN member states, i.e., Laos, Cambodia and Brunei to get full recognition from the ASEAN Secretariat.



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