Online Course on Fundamentals of Geosynthetics Engineering

The webinar was presented by Dr. KH Loke on 2nd, 9th, and 16th November 2021. He has been involved in the research, manufacturing, consulting, design, and teaching of geosynthetics for more than 25 years. He has conducted many courses on geosynthetics applications and technology to public and universities. He is also active in the development of the Malaysia test standard for geosynthetics serving in the working group, WG6 of Standard Malaysia.

A total of 32 participants attended the webinar. This course is intended to provide engineers with a basic grounding on geosynthetics and their applications. Engineers were taught about the types of geosynthetics and their functions. The course focused on two key applications, namely road constructions and reinforced soil structures using geogrids. The course highlight the latest development in geogrid technology and research findings. Engineers were taught the design using current design methods and shown the value proposition of using geosynthetics in these structures.

Lastly, the course emphasized the proper specifications to ensure the performance of geosynthetics for the intended structure. Case references were presented to show the viability and workability of geosynthetics solutions.

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