Webinar on Introduction to MS 2616:2015 – Fixed fire fighting systems – Fire Pumpsets

The webinar were presented by Ir. Wong See Foong, Mr. Jeffery Chong Seet Huang and moderated by Ir. Dr Jayaseelan on 12 October 2021. A total number of 159 participants were attended the webinar on that day.

Ir. Wong See Fong is chairing the Technical Committee under the National Standards Committee (M) of Jabatan Standard Malaysia, for the drafting of Malaysian standards for fire fighting systems and equipment.

While Mr. Jeffery Chong Seet Huang, has collective ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory service experience over more than 10 years in multiple analytical fields such as microbiology, chemistry & mechanical.

In addition, he is a certified ISO/IEC 17025 internal auditor by Institute Kimia Malaysia (IKM) and a registered food analyst with the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

The focus of the webinar was to introduce the requirements for fire pumps to comply with MS 2616. The process of obtaining certification of the fire pumps from a locally accredited testing laboratory was briefly described.

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