Webinar On Overview Of Universal Design In Built Environment

On March 19, 2024, a webinar attracted 116 participants eager to learn about the principles of universal design in the built environment. The webinar aimed to shed light on the requirements and suggestions regarding accessibility in architectural spaces. Central to the discussion was the Malaysian Standard, MS 1184, which serves as a guide for universal design and accessibility in built environments.

Led by two seasoned professionals, Ir. Chong Chew Fan and Ar. Husam Abdul Fatah Haron, the webinar provided a fundamental understanding of universal design principles to Principal Submitting Persons (PSP) and Submitting Persons (SP). Ir. Chong, with over two decades of experience in design and project management, shared insights into infrastructure, green building, and sustainable designs. Meanwhile, Ar. Husam, also boasting over 20 years in the industry, brought expertise in building and interior design, sustainability, and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

The core message of the webinar emphasized the importance of integrating universal design principles early in the building design process. By doing so, the costs associated with incorporating accessibility and usability measures can be minimized. Moreover, considering these aspects from the outset enhances the property’s value in terms of sustainability.

Overall, the webinar served as a valuable platform for participants to grasp the significance of universal design in the built environment, with experts like Ir. Chong and Ar. Husam leading the discussion, attendees gained essential insights into creating more inclusive architectural spaces that benefit both users and property owners alike.

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