Workshop for Preparation of Bill of Quantities

On the 24th of June 2024, a workshop for the preparation of Bill of Quantities was held at Hotel Armada PJ from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The workshop aimed to provide valuable insights into the process of preparing Bills of Quantities for civil engineering projects. The workshop was attended by 10 participants eager to enhance their knowledge and skills in this area.

The workshop was conducted by Ir. K. Sundraraj, an esteemed Professional Engineer registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). Ir. K. Sundraraj currently serves as the Director of Zaidun-Leeng Sdn. Bhd., an Engineering Consultancy Firm, and possesses around 30 years of extensive experience in designing, constructing, and managing Civil Engineering projects.

Throughout the workshop, Ir. K. Sundraraj guided the participants through various key aspects. The participants were introduced to MS 2701:2018 (MSCESMM) and MyCESMM2 documents, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of these important industry standards. Additionally, an overview was given on the definition, coverage, description, and rules of measurement utilized in MSCESMM, offering in-depth insights into the framework used in the preparation of Bills of Quantities.

Moreover, the participants received valuable guidance on how to effectively prepare Bills of Quantities using MSCESMM/MyCESMM2 for Highway/Bridge works. The workshop proved to be an enriching experience for all participants, equipping them with practical knowledge and skills essential for their professional development in the field of civil engineering.

Overall, the workshop successfully achieved its objectives of enhancing participants’ understanding of the Bill of Quantities preparation process and providing them with the necessary tools to excel in their future endeavors within the industry.

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