ACEM-ACQSM Dialogues 2022

The ACEM-ACQSM dialogue was held on 5 August 2022 at the ACEM Office. It was the first dialogue between ACEM and the Association of Consulting Quantity Surveyors Malaysia (ACQSM). The welcoming address was presented by ACEM President Ir. K. Sundraraj. At the opening of the dialogue, Ir. K. Sundraraj gave a brief introduction about ACEM and introduced the council members who were present during the dialogue. The purpose of the dialogue was to strengthen relations between ACEM and ACQSM. As mentioned by ACQSM’s President, Sr. Kamarudin Sulaiman, their association was just recently established, and they hoped that there would be a link of activities between ACEM & ACQSM so that they can tap from ACEM’s experience in running their association. ACQSM was impressed with the 59 years of ACEM’s establishment. Ir. K. Sundraraj welcomes ACQSM for any enquiries and engagements. After the dialogue, ACQSM representatives toured the ACEM office and met some of the secretariat staff. The dialogue ended with a group photo.

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