Course on Preparation of BQ Using MS 2701 2018 (MSCESMM) & MyCESMM2 for Civil Engineering Works (Webinar)

The hybrid training course on the Preparation of Bill of Quantities (BQ) utilizing MS 2701:2018 (MSCESMM) & MyCESMM2 for Civil Engineering Works was conducted over two webinars on May 7th and May 21st, 2024, from 10.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. A total of 60 participants attended both sessions. The course aimed to provide an intensive understanding of the Malaysian Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement (MSCESMM) and MyCESMM2, crucial documents in standardizing the measurement and description of civil engineering projects.

MSCESMM, developed by the CIDB Technical Committee in collaboration with stakeholders and industry players, was published by SIRIM in September 2018. Its purpose is to establish a national standard for the measurement, definition, coverage, and description of civil engineering projects, facilitating uniformity in BQ preparation for both public and private sector projects. Alongside MSCESMM, several supplementary publications were released, including MyCESMM2 and guides for their implementation.

The course, led by Ir. K. Sundraraj, a Professional Engineer with three decades of experience in civil engineering projects, covered essential topics including demolition & site clearance, general items/provisional & prime cost sums, roads & pavings/earthworks, piling & concrete works, miscellaneous works, and building works. Participants gained insights into the intricacies of MSCESMM and MyCESMM2, learning about definitions, coverage, descriptions, and rules of measurement pertinent to various aspects of civil engineering projects.

Overall, the course served its purpose of familiarizing participants with MSCESMM and MyCESMM2, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and guidance for preparing accurate and standardized BQs for highway/bridge works and other civil engineering projects. The hybrid training format ensured accessibility and flexibility, allowing participants to engage effectively and gain valuable insights from the sessions.

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